Hi. I'm Mike Healy.

Digital Marketing and Web Marketing Consultant.

Jack of all trades, master of many. I aim to maximize the number of peak experiences in life and enjoy the pursuit of excellence as a family man, business professional, and creative entrepreneur. I have a strong understanding of business analytics and love interpreting data to plan and execute effectively. These skills accompanied by strong design, development, and systems integration knowledge, make me a one man web marketing machine.

Learn about what I do

I devise, develop, design, launch, analyze, and improve.

Interactive and Responsive Websites, Wordpress Development, Joomla Development, Drupal Development, SalesForce Integration, NetSuite Integration, Email Marketing and Template Design, Landing Page Design, Corporate Identity and Branding, Search Engine Optimization, PPC/Adwords Management, Social Media Marketing.


I've always had a love for figuring out how things works. To find something to improve, first I get an understanding of current processess. I map it all out visually with flow chart tools and identify bottlenecks in web and system processes.


Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla,


Using HTML5, CSS, and/or any Content Management System, Create Landing Pages, Microsites, Interactive Web Sites, Cross Platform Email Templates. All tracked and tracked with Google Analytics, and integrated into your CRM.


Well timed and coordinated efforts. Executing email that drives to new landing page or website.


Track where web visits come from, direct, email, paid search, organic search, social media, referring websites. Keywords that drive the most converting traffic. Explore opportunities for new keyword rich content with Keyword analysis. Adwords analysis, ad copy, keywords, landing page. What email subject lines get most opens, best times to send, call to actions, email length.


Using analysis results, make changes where fit, rinse and repeat.

Awesome work makes happy clients.

The most important thing that has come out of all of my experiences so far, is that I really appreciate working with great clients. I'm easy to work with, go above and beyond, and am not happy unless my clients are happy.

Web Design and CMS Development

Experience with the most widely used Content Management Systems. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Process Mapping and Improvement

Throughout integration, I will use flow charts for the different parts of the system so that changes and implementation is thoroughly thought out, built for growth, and done right the first time.


The first place most people turn to find a solution to their problem or product to buy is google. Having your site placed on the first page of google is a must!

CRM Integration

Experience with SalesForce, NetSuite, and SugarCRM. I'll can make sure your company website is feeding your CRM with leads and data.


Logos, Corporate Identity and Branding, Collaterall, Presentations

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